Nigeria Volleyball Federation has opened camp for 30 players at the Ahmadu Bello Stadium in Kaduna in preparation for competitions slated for 2023.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the camp comprises players for the male and female national teams.

Speaking during a training session, Technical Director of Nigeria Volleyball Federation (NVBF), Boskovic Alexander, said the camp had been ongoing for the past 10 days.

He said with the players’ drills and training so far, the country was sure of being in the sport’s spotlight worldwide few years from now.

“The players were mostly selected from the recently-concluded Premier League, and are in high spirits, with a burning desire to learn more,” Alexander said.

He added that his utmost desire wasto develop Nigeria’s players in all the aspects they are lacking.

“We have tried to assemble the biggest possible number of players.

“Before coming here, I had to watch the Under-19 African Cup in September, and we also had the Premier League, from where we selected the players.

“We don’t talk about new ideas, in developing these players, we talk about what is necessary for them.

“But we have to improve our grassroots, discover and educate future players,” the NVBF technical director said.

Mercy Promise, Captain  of the senior female national team, told newsmen on the sidelines of their training, said the camp had been great.

“This is a training camp comprising  junior and senior teams, and the training has been great, quite intensive and practical.

“And here we have been told that consistency is the key to outstanding performance. The Technical Adviser’s main focus is about our being consistent.

“He has really taught us a lot, and if you watch our game now you must have observed that it has improved tremendously,” she said.

Also speaking, captain of the senior male team, Samuel Ogwuche, said being at the training camp has been a rare privilege.

“It’s a great privilege to have the technical adviser train us on key  aspects of the game.

“This is a new build-up, which is a mixture of senior and junior, and in the next five years, we will do great in Africa and the world,” he said.

Ogwuche added that the camp was an indication they were preparing ahead, and he expressed optimism about a brighter future for the game of volleyball in the country.

“I believe from next year, there will be huge differences. Currently there are no competitions on ground and yet we are training. So, there’s a great difference.

“Volleyball is a tactical game and we are getting a lot of information. It’s a good opportunity for us to develop our skills,” he said.

Ogwuche appreciated the NVBF and its president, Musa Nimrod, for their provision of good welfare and support.

“The federation is doing its best and we the players are also doing our best at the camp. The welfare in camp is excellent,” he said.

Also speaking, the under-19 male team coach, Vincent Unogwu, said the coaches have learnt a lot from the FIVB technical expert, saying the camp has been eye-opening.

“To us as coaches, this is a course because we are really learning a lot,” he said. (NAN)