By Obaloluwa Joshua, LAGOS

Nigeria legend Austin Jay Jay Okocha has predicted a bleak outing for African teams at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, reports PNO Sports.

Senegal, Ghana, Morocco, Tunisia and Cameroon are the five teams from the continent that will compete at the mundial.

‘It’s the first time that I’m not confident enough about Africa’s chances in the World Cup,” Okocha said, as per Carton Sport.

“Maybe they can surprise us and do very well. If you look at Asia and North America, they seem stronger and more advanced than us. This means bad news for our football.

“We were already 50 paces behind South America and Europe, and now North America and Asia seem ahead of us.

“We have hopes in Senegal and Morocco; they seem the strongest. Tunisia, Ghana, and Cameroon seem to be a stepping stone for other teams to reach the knockout stages.

“With their current form, I fear they will go home after three matches. Hopefully, they prove me wrong.”