Olajide Ojomu
Olajide Ojomu, ex-professional handball player and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), C&S-Pishon Sports Academy.

Olajide Ojomu, ex-professional handball player and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), C&S-Pishon Sports Academy, says they picked talents above ethnic and religious considerations in preparation for Sweden Under-12 handball tournament.

Ojomu was reacting to insinuations round the Sweden bound Under-12 Boys and Girls Handball teams for the prestigious 2023 Partille Cup, Guthenburg, in the Scandinavian country.

He told newsmen on Sunday in Ilorin that players that form the teams consisted of talents in Kwara, irrespective of tribe or religious faith.

Explaining the team’s composition, Ojomu said sports is blind to sentiments.

“We have heard whispered concerns that our teams are made up of players from one particular faith and none from Kwara.

“This is not true. We have players from Omu-Aran, we picked talented players from Ilorin, here. Where talent is involved, we are blind to sentiments,” he asserted.

The US based former handball player, who cut his teeth in Kwara playing for the illustrious C&S College Handball team, further threw an open challenge at newsmen asking that they point C&S-Pishon to anywhere there is a handball talent or athlete and they would go fetch and train such talent.

“If you accuse us of any bias, kindly show us a raw talent anywhere and we will go pick him or her up without wasting time whether he is Christian, Muslim or any other religion,” he assured.

C&S-Pishon will be traveling out to Sweden on Monday after winning the national championship in the Under-12 and Under-15 boys and girls categories in Sokoto for Kwara and would be representing Nigeria.

On other mission of First Pishon, the technical partner of the C&S Handball Academy (Fusing into C&S-Pishon), Ojomu presented the company’s goal line technology compliant balls.

“We are into manufacturing sports equipment like balls.

“What we have is the latest in ball technology and we stand to be challenged on this,” he said.

The CEO also explained that sample of the company’s soccer ball has been presented to the Kwara Football Academy (KFA) for testing.

“And I would be surprised if the ball falls below their standard given what we put into making the ball,” Ojomu said.

He disclosed that the company had planned to set up its manufacturing concern in Kwara in the nearest future. (NAN)