Balls various sports.

The Armed Forces Command and Staff Collage (AFCSC) Bi-annual sports championship has opened on Tuesday in Jaji, Kaduna State with 140 athletes participating.

The News Agency of Nigerian (NAN) reports that the competition which would last for a week, is holding at AVM Sulaiman Dambo sports complex at the Jaji Military Cantonment.

The athletes were drawn from AFSC Headquarters, Departments of Joint Studies, Land warfare, Maritime warfare and Air warfare.

The competition would feature Football, Tennis, Volleyball, Handball, Swimming, Squash, Badminton, Golf, Basketball, Scrabble and Tug of war, among others.

In his address, the special guest, AVM Musbau Olatunji, Commandant of Airforce Institute of Technology (AFIT), said sport was a tool for fostering unity and must be encouraged in order to foster collaboration in approaching military operations.

He noted that the AFCSC, being an academic and military institution, had consistently promoted sports development to keep the personnel fit and in sound minds to carry out their duties well.

According to him, the athletes would become mentally alert and be able to carry out their duties effectively.

“Apart from that, we also do it for fun because all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” Olatunji said.

The commandant urged the participants not to loose sight of the reasons for the games and to maintain comradeship weather they emerge winners or not.

He also urged them to compete fairly and exhibit good sportsmanship while upholding the virtues that stood them out as incorruptible and indivisible members of the armed forces of Nigeria.

Earlier, the AFCSC Commandant, AVM Ebenezer Alade, said the bi-annual sports week was a veritable tool that the college use in developing the physical fitness of its staff and students.

He added that the competition was also to foster cohesion among the participants.

“Although, the bi-annual sports week was disrupted by the COVID-19 breakout in 2020, it is highly gratifying to be back to this important sport activity.

“This is even more timely owing to the crucial role of sports in enhancing the physical and mental well-being of statf and students”, Alade said.

He therefore urged the participants to compete fairly and be gracious in defeat and accommodating in victory.

Alade also urged the officials, umpires and referees to be fair in their officiating. (NAN)